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Healthcare Staffing We’re a Michigan-based healthcare staffing company.

Diamond Healthcare Staffing is a privately owned, Michigan based company founded by Dan Diamond, who started his career as an occupational therapist. The team at Diamond Healthcare Staffing has decades of experience in healthcare, healthcare staffing, rehabilitation facility management, and home health care management.

Our employees are licensed and dependable professionals. We take affectionate pride in the way we treat our team members and the way we interact with our customers. We hire the best professionals because the reputation of our company depends directly on how each one of our team members works with each of our clients every day. When you ask our employees to use a few words to describe their working experience with us, they say things like…

  • Fulfilling
  • Generous
  • Meaningful
  • Fun
  • People-focused
  • Long term
  • Happy

We hear those same words when we ask clients how they feel about working with us, and for that, we are very thankful.