FAQs for Employers

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What if I really like an employee? Can I hire them directly?

Absolutely! We actually believe that using a candidate on a temporary basis, allows the candidate and the client to decide if this is a good fit for both parties. Should the client like to proceed with hiring a candidate directly, just contact our office and we can begin the hiring and contractual process with you to ensure a smooth transition.

What happens if I don’t need temporary staff for a full 13 weeks? Is a 13 week contract my only option?

Don’t be afraid that your choice to use a temporary agency locks you into keeping a candidate for 13 weeks. Here at DHS, each of our placements is unique and contracted to fit your needs.  We offer placements anywhere from 1 day to renewable 13 week contracts. 

Is using a temporary agency for staff really cost effective?

Some employers rush into hiring a candidate just to get a position filled, later finding that the employee was not the right fit. When you take into consideration the cost of recruiting, advertising, your time interviewing, cost of health insurance, unemployment insurance, etc., you actually end up spending more money trying to rush to fill a position. DHS reduces the risk of hiring the wrong candidate and having a more successful outcome of a permanent employee. Using a temporary staffing agency will allow you to get the coverage at your location, while taking the time to interview the right candidate for your organization.