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We believe that happy employees are the key to happy clients.

At Diamond Healthcare Staffing, we believe that if our team of health care professionals is happy, they’ll make sure our clients are happy. When our team members feel valued and supported, they bring a positive attitude and a great work ethic to each one of their assignments.

What do we look for in our staffing hires?

  • Healthcare professionals who are highly qualified in a wide array of medical fields.
  • People with good “kindergarten skills” – like the ability to be kind, practice patience, share with others, listen with compassion, adapt to new situations, and communicate clearly.
  • Folks who are looking for a challenge and who want to make meaningful, positive contributions to their field of health care and the lives of those they serve.

What do we provide to our employees?

  1. Good assignments, great benefits and all the perks – Our employees can choose from great work locations in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and other health care facilities. We offer a comprehensive benefit package – including medical insurance, bonuses, paid time off, and retirement plans.
  2. A management team with hands-on experience - Our management team has experience in healthcare (our founder was an occupational therapist), healthcare staffing, rehabilitation facility management, and home health care management.
  3. A supportive, caring and fun staffing team - Our in-house staffing team has worked for years to place healthcare professionals in just the right work settings to meet their skill sets, career objectives, and goals for personal growth.

We hire the best professionals because the reputation of our company depends directly on how each one of our team members works with each of our clients every day.